Vote for Healthcare and Vote YES for the Mill Levy on November 3rd.

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Dr. Heather Marshall Vaskas, the Emergency Medicine Medical Director at Holy Cross Medical Center wanted to take a minute to encourage you to vote in favor of local health care and vote for the mill levy on November 3rd.

On the November 3rd, 2020 ballot, Taos County voters will have the opportunity to vote in favor of continuing the on mill levy to support our local hospital. THe mill levy would continue to provide our hospital with much needed financial assistance for a duration of four years.

Fast Facts

  • The proposed one mill levy would be a continuation of what was approved in 2016 – not an increased mill levy.
  • It’s very common for a county to have a mill levy in place to support local hospitals. Taos County has one of the lowest tax rates for health care related services in the state (4.24 for Colfax, 4.25 for Rio Arriba, and 6.4 Bernalillo, and just 1 for Taos).
  • A mill levy is a tax rate that is charged based on the net taxable value of a property. In Taos the net taxable value of a property is 1/3 of its value. One mill reflects $1 per $1,000 of net taxable value of a property.
  • Rural hospitals across the country or struggling financially and Holy Cross needs your help! Vote for the mill levy and keep vital health care services in our community!

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