Cisco Gonzales

Board Member

Fields: Board Members


Resides in Ranchos de Taos, NM |505-610-3369|

As a member of the board of La Plazita Institute (located in Albuquerque’s South Valley), I have volunteered with the organization to improve outreach, funding and policies. Presently I aid in advising and marketing their silkscreen t-shirt operation, which generated over a 200% increase in sales. The
profits went to the purchase of brand new equipment, thus increasing quality, productivity and generating jobs and more repeat customers. Currently I am leading them through the process of securing licensing to compete for UNM contracts. Our goal is cultural context of community icons and contracts with the city and county to provide printing jobs to young adults.

Supervised and led a Joint (Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps) acquisition team to successfully
write the requirements and award Senator Kennedy’s earmark for the Combined Mishap Reduction
System (CMRS). A first of its kind multi-functional team in the Department of Defense’s safety
community. I am an expert in federal contracts. Defeated all legal challenges.

Dynamic leader. Led the Acquisition Team’s inspection preparation of all acquisitions and programs.
Received two Superior Performance Team Awards from the inspectors for an outstanding
acquisition program and legal excellence, and four individual awards from the Commander of the
Safety Center. A 25% increase in the Safety Center’s operational budget was achieved.

Aided in fortifying the New Mexico State Bar Immigration Law section 2005-2006. Served as
section president and past president to help in reinvigorating the section, because the State Bar was
planning on closing the section. Worked with immigration practitioners to develop CLE’s and bring in
guest speakers, and recruit more members.

Areas of Expertise

Collaborative leader with proven results in a variety of settings: small teams or large organizations–
international, military, corporate, and unions. I excel at listening and communicating with people. I also
offer creative vision and strengths in legal advocacy, business strategy, sound business administration,
staff motivation, and organizational management. Proven expertise across multiple areas:

  • Fully Bilingual Spanish read/write • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Law
  • Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Media
  • Executive/Project Management
  • Innovation/Business Strategy