Holy Cross Hospital has Distributed over 1,500 Doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Taos are finally underway. Led by Holy Cross and in concert with Taos County, the Department of Health, and the Town of Taos, we have now given out more than 1,500 doses of vaccine.

Because of the networks and collaboration we have built over the course of COVID response, especially through the Medical Task Force and the EC-COAD, we have been able to respond more efficiently to get vaccine out to Phase 1.A and some Phase 1.B eligible people. Holy Cross leadership, nurses, and registration staff have worked tirelessly – sometimes working more than 12-hour days with few breaks – to schedule, register, screen, vaccinate, monitor, and then follow-up on people served at the Point of Dispensing site, or “POD” at Holy Cross.

Demand for the vaccine far out-paces supply at this point. As much as 80% of people offered a COVID vaccine thus far have immediately moved to get one. For example, one count lists about 3,000 elders over 75 years of age within Taos County. With the limited Pfizer vaccine available, it might take several months to complete vaccination of this critical population.

Our local PODs are robust and have the capacity to safely provide vaccine to community members quickly as doses are made available – up to thousands of doses a day if needed.

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