Holy Cross Medical Center

Holy Cross Medical Center is the central hub for health care in north-central New Mexico. Our hospital and clinics are home to over 80 physicians, covering a variety of ever-expanding specialties that include internal medicine, wound care, dermatology, ob/gyn, orthopedics, general surgery, urology and a fully-staffed emergency department.

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Holy Cross Highlight

Monthly Video Update

In an effort to help our community understand the changes happening in health care and at the hospital, we will be posting regular updates from the administration at Holy Cross Medical Center to help share information with the public.

Board Review – January, 2020

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Financial Review – January, 2020

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The Mill Levy and Community Support

In 2016 Holy Cross Hospital asked the community to come together in support of our local hospital and vote to approve a 1 mill levy on property tax. The mill levy was approved with resounding support and we have taken advantage of those funds to make many great improvements for your local hospital.

The 2016 mill levy sunsets this year, and we have begun conversations with the county commissioners with the hope of maintaining the current mill levy.

How Holy Cross Hospital has Been Using the Mill Levy Funding

In 2016 a mill levy was passed by the voters of Taos County to give 1 mill of additional taxes to Holy Cross Hospital. We are coming near the end of that mill and the hospital has approached the county about renewing and increasing the mill levy. Bill Patten, CEO of Holy Cross Medical Center wanted to take a minute to let our community know how the mill levy funds have helped improve your local hospital.

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Critical Access Hospital Designation Updates

About two years ago, Holy Cross Hospital converted to Critical Access Status. There was a lot of concern at the time about the conversion and Bill Patten, CEO of Holy Cross Medical Center wanted to take a minute to talk about the effect that the conversion has had on the hospital’s bottom line.

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New Mexico Rural Hospitals Awarded Top Honor in hospital Quality

Hospitals meet rigorous national goals for improving patient safety.

Five New Mexico hospitals, serving the state’s rural communities, earned the Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) award, one of New Mexico Hospital Association’s (NMHA’s) premier honors for hospital quality. These hospitals were honored for projects that enlisted multiple teams and approaches to reduce hospital readmissions, the occurrence of infections and adverse drug events. The awards were presented in a ceremony at the 74th Annual Meeting of the NMHA in Albuquerque.

The HIIN Critical Access/Rural Hospital awardees are: Holy Cross Medical Center (Taos), Mimbres Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home (Deming), Miners’ Colfax Medical Center (Raton), Roosevelt General Hospital (Portales) and Socorro General Hospital (Socorro).

“New Mexico hospitals’ performance, throughout the HIIN project, has been nothing short of extraordinary,” said John Harris, NMHA board member and CEO of Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces, N.M.

Collectively, all 36 New Mexico acute care hospitals have met the 20 percent overall reduction goal of inpatient harm. These reductions translate into over 5,500 prevented patient harms, more than 476 lives saved, and over $70 million in healthcare cost savings in New Mexico.

Since 2016, 36 New Mexico acute care hospitals have participated in HIIN quality and patient safety programs along with 1,600 hospitals across the county. HIIN is two-year grant through the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that set aggressive goals to reduce inpatient harms by 20 percent and readmissions by 12 percent by 2019. NMHA administers the New Mexico HIIN with the Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET) of the American Hospital Association (AHA).

The NMHA’s Quality Committee selected the awardees using a point system that recognized overall performance, improvement and maintenance of zero patient harms over the past 12 months. Programs like HIIN, engage hospital leadership and clinicians at all levels to build on successes and spread best practices in education and staff training, mentorship, monitoring, data collection and analysis, and governance across the state.

2019 HIIN Critical Access/Rural Hospital Awardees

Holy Cross Medical Center:
Reduced hospital readmissions by 14 percent and has maintained harm events in C. diff infections, anticoagulation adverse drug events and central line blood stream infections (CLABSI).

Mimbres Memorial Hospital:
Reduced opioid adverse drug events by 21 percent, reduced C. diff infections by 56 percent and maintained zero harm events in central line and catheter associated infections.

Miners’ Colfax Medical Center:
Reduced anticoagulation adverse drug events by over 50 percent and maintained zero harm events in central line and catheter associated infections, C. diff infections, and hypoglycemia adverse drug events.

Roosevelt General Hospital:
Reduced patient falls by 34 percent, reduced hospital readmissions by almost 40 percent, and maintained zero harm events in central line and catheter associated infections.

Socorro General Hospital:
Reduced C. diff and central line infections by 100 percent and maintained zero harm events opioid adverse drug events, catheter association infections and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections.

“Commitment to quality and patient safety is central to the mission of NMHA member hospitals,” said Jeff Dye, NMHA president and CEO. “These hospitals’ comprehensive plans, put into action, have made them leaders in the state and nation in fostering patient safety and quality,”

For more on strides New Mexico hospitals have made in advancing quality and patient safety in their communities, listen to the NMHA Advancing Quality & Patient Safety Podcast at https://anchor.fm/nmha. Podcast guests include healthcare and clinical experts across our state.

New Mexico Hospital Association (NMHA) represents 46 New Mexico hospitals, health networks, ambulatory facilities, home health agencies and affiliate groups on state and federal legislative and regulatory public policy issues. NMHA partners with its members and others to improve, through best practices and innovation, the health status of New Mexico residents. It is an authoritative source for hospital data used in public policy initiatives. For over five decades, NMHA has advocated for the common good and collective interests of its members and patients, in an ever-changing health care environment.

HCMC ranked as one of the top performing Critical Access Hospitals in New Mexico

Holy Cross Medical Center is pleased to announce we have been chosen by the New Mexico Hospital Association (NMHA) as one of the top performing Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) in the state for quality and patient safety based on our most recent 12 months in the

CMS-funded program, Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN).  Holy Cross Medical Center is one of ten hospitals being recognized, five CAH and five Acute Care Hospitals. 

Criteria for the award is based on goals set by CMS and the American Hospital Association (AHA) over the past 12 months of the HIIN project (April 2018 through March 2019).  Hospitals receiving the award were chosen based on percent improvement and maintenance of zero harm for their top 10 performing metrics.   Holy Cross Medical Center showed improvement or maintained zero harm in the following metrics:

  • Anticoagulation Safety
  • Catheter Utilization
  • Central Line Utilization
  • Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection Rates
  • Colon Surgical Site Infection Rates
  • Abdominal Surgical Site Infection Rates
  • Clostridium difficile Infection Rates
  • Pressure Ulcer Rate
  • Sepsis Mortality Rate
  • Readmission Rate

Holy Cross will receive an engraved award from Marie Cleary-Fishman, AHA’s Vice President of Clinical Quality, during NMHA’s Quality Awards Ceremony on September 25th, 2019.   

Thanks to our entire healthcare team for focusing on patient safety and improving the quality of care we provide.   You are making a difference every day in the lives of those we serve. 

Community Health Needs Assessment Report – 2019

The Taos County Health Assessment surveys local residents every three years to identify local strengths, household challenges and issues, as well as the perception of needs in the area. Results of this survey are used to document needs and develop plans that make Taos County a healthier place to live. You can find the results of this survey in the link below.

Medical Record System Conversion

Holy Cross Hospital is committed to continuously improving the care and services we provide in order to give you healthcare with peace of mind.

We’re taking a big step forward and upgrading the tools our physicians, nurses and clinical staff use to take care of you. Holy Cross is taking our current electronic medical record system (EMR) to the next level by implementing new software systems in many of our clinic and hospital locations, software which has been specifically designed for small hospitals. The system is called CPSI – Evident and the Emergency Department will be using a system called Wellsoft. Most Holy Cross systems will go live on October 1st and the rest of the systems plan to be live by the end of the year.

During our move to these new computer systems, you may notice a few changes:

  • Your visit will likely take longer: We are doing everything possible to make sure our physicians, nurses, and staff have the time they need to get accustomed to using Evident. This means during our go-live period we are allowing more time for each patient appointment, so your visit may last a little bit longer than usual. We have scheduled Evident support personnel to be readily available to answer questions and provide direction during the first two weeks following our go-live event.
  • You may want to choose an appointment later in October or early in November: This will help give our physicians, nurses and clinical staff the extra time they need to become familiar with the new system.
  • You will have new Patient Portal options on our websites: Our websites will be updated as each location goes live with Evident. You can use the new web-based tools to communicate with your physicians via a Patient Portal.

One of the very public benefits of the new Evident system is the enhanced Patient Portal. This portal will provide easy access to your health records and more information about your care. I encourage you to visit www.taoshospital.org to find out more about these benefits.

Thank you in advance for your patience as Holy Cross takes this big step in improving the tools our physicians, nurses and clinical staff use to care for you!