Holy Cross Medical Center

Holy Cross Medical Center is the central hub for health care in north-central New Mexico. Our hospital and clinics are home to over 80 physicians, covering a variety of ever-expanding specialties that include internal medicine, wound care, dermatology, ob/gyn, orthopedics, general surgery, urology and a fully-staffed emergency department.

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Monthly Video Update

In an effort to help our community understand the changes happening in health care and at the hospital, we will be posting regular updates from the administration at Holy Cross Medical Center to help share information with the public.

Board Review – April, 2021

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Financial Review – April, 2021

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Taos Women’s Health Institute is now Offering Appointments at the Questa Health Center for Pregnant Women

Holy Cross Hospital and Women’s Health Institute offer prenatal & OB services at the Questa Health Center, so you can get pregnancy care you need closer to where you live.

The Questa Health Center now has state of the art pregnancy related equipment including a new ultrasound machine, vitals machine, and fetal heart rate monitor.

You can also now visit with your Women’s Health Institute practitioner at the Questa Health Center and via virtual telehealth appointments. You can now make pregnancy related appointments without having to drive to Taos.

Book your appointment by calling Women’s Health Institute: (575) 758-5001

Virtual and in-person care, and free services:

  • Office-to-office telehealth appointments (available the second Wednesday of each month)
    Visit the Questa Health Center and connect virtually with Women’s Health Institute practitioners and other high-risk pregnancy specialists.
  • In-person appointments and ultrasounds (available the first and third Wednesday of each month)
    Visit the Questa Health Center and have a face-to-face appointment with an OB or Midwife from Women’s Health Institute.
  • Home telehealth kits from ROAMS (including a free tablet)
    Meet with your prenatal practitioner from home. The telehealth kits will include automatic reporting of blood pressure, oxygen, and weight, plus a glucometer and fetal heart rate monitor, as well as educational videos and reminders. (Telehealth visits are not meant to replace your important in-person visits, but will help with additional monitoring to make sure mom and baby are both healthy)
  • Free ROAMS Family Navigator assistance
    Helping with your family’s needs, Home Visiting enrollment, and more!
  • Free breastfeeding consultation
    Helping with your family’s needs, Home Visiting enrollment, and more!
  • Free breastfeeding consultation
    A consultant will be available to you for as long as you need to support breastfeeding.

Both the Family Navigator and breastfeeding consultant can meet with you in person or digitally through video, phone calls, texting, whatever works best for you!

We are committed to healthy moms and babies and excited by these new opportunities to provide you with 21st Century state of art care closer to your home! Call to make your appointment.

Book your appointment by calling Women’s Health Institute: (575) 758-5001

The Rural Obstetric Access & Maternal Services (ROAMS) grant has provided the support for this project.

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine the Right Choice for Me?

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should get the COVID-19 vaccine, you are the only one that can make the decision. There is a lot of confusion regarding the vaccine, and there are many rumors circulating regarding vaccinations. We wanted to share a document that will help answer some of the frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine:

Holy Cross Hospital has been distributing vaccinations since December. We are required to use the New Mexico State vaccination website to schedule vaccinations. Please register for your vaccination at cvvaccine.nmhealth.org

Holy Cross Hospital Receives First Phase of COVID-19 Vaccine

Holy Cross Medical Center, in coordination with the NM Department of Health, will start vaccinating employees and other high risk healthcare providers using the limited doses of COVID-19 vaccine received today, December 15; 150 doses of the vaccine were received this morning.  Holy Cross submitted the necessary paperwork to be a distribution hub for the COVID-19 vaccine and plans to follow Department of Health guidelines when administering the doses.  This means Holy Cross Medical Center will identify and prioritize individuals receiving the vaccine.  This process will involve other healthcare and governmental organizations.  The recipients of the doses received over the first few weeks will include hospital employees, Taos County EMS, Taos Urgent Care, local law enforcement, fire department staff, area clinics and pharmacies along with numerous other groups of healthcare providers. “In compliance with current DOH guidelines, Holy Cross has been working with managers and staff to identify high priority recipients.  It’s been a team effort from within and with our community to identify the first 150 recipients of the COVID-19 Vaccine.”, said Bill Patten, CEO of Holy Cross Medical Center.  The first doses of the vaccine that are being made available in New Mexico are the Pfizer vaccine.  “We anticipate that we will receive weekly shipments from the state” explained Patten. “Our plan is to keep our community apprised of the situation as the vaccine distribution plan develops.  Assuming delivery of the vaccine product continues, we should be able to get much of the medical community in the area vaccinated by early in January.  From there we will next plan for providing the vaccine to “essential workers” throughout the community beyond those in healthcare”. For more information on the process and role of Holy Cross in the distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine here in Taos, please view the following link: https://holycrossmedicalcenter.org/administrative-updates/how-the-covid-19-vaccine-will-be-distributed-by-holy-cross-hospital/

The State of New Mexico and Holy Cross Medical Center will announce additional phases of vaccination.  Vaccination events will be made available to everyone as the supply of vaccine allows.  Holy Cross, as an emergency preparedness leader within the community, has the planning, policies, and personnel in place to store and distribute vaccine as soon as it becomes available.  For more information, the State’s “Draft Vaccination Plan”, is available at https://cv.nmhealth.org/draft-vaccine-plan/.

Update on December 23rd, 2020 – The state of New Mexico has released a registration platform to help organize and plan for future distributions of the vaccine. Register for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tamara Brown, Holy Cross Pharmacy Director, receives first 150 COVID-19 vaccines for the Taos area. 

As a 4-Star Hospital, Holy Cross is Ranked in the Top Ten Hospitals in New Mexico

Sue Romansky, the Chief Operating Officer of Holy Cross Medical Center is pleased to announce that Holy Cross is a 4-Star Hospital. We have worked very hard to improve the experience of our patients, and our 4-Star rating is proof that we provide great care close to home.

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Our Covid-19 Response and How to Prepare for Flu Season.

Holy Cross Medical Center’s Emergency Medicine Medical Director, Dr. Heather Marshall Vaskas wanted to share an update regarding the efforts that Holy Cross Medical Center took during the first few months of the pandemic as well as review some of the issues we are preparing for now that the colder months are coming.

We are proud to offer great healthcare services to Northern New Mexico. The quality of our staff and the accomplishments we have made since March, have proved that we have an incredible healthcare family right here in Taos.

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Holy Cross DNV Inspection Results

Sue Romansky, our Chief Operating Officer wanted to share an update about our recent DNV inspection. This inspection happens randomly once a year.

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Holy Cross Receives a 10,000 Grant With the Help of Kit Carson Electric Cooperative.

Times have been tough, but Taos has come together in extraordinary ways. Holy Cross Hospital has been a leader through the pandemic, but our efforts have been made much easier with help from our amazing community.

Luis Reyes from Kit Carson Electric Cooperative was able to help Holy Cross Medical Center get access to $10,000 in grant funding to use towards personal protective equipment to protect our staff and hardware to help outfit our offices with tele-medicine equipment so that we can provide remote care for our patients.

Thank you Luis, and Kit Carson Electric Cooperative!

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Holy Cross Hospital worked closely with Centinel Bank to receive much needed funding.

Holy Cross was not only one of the first applications to be submitted to the small business association for a PPP loan in Taos County but we were successful in securing much needed funding. This was due in part to the strong partnership we have with Centinal Bank. For us to have Centinel bank as a local community partner was a huge asset when it came to being able to apply as quickly as possible. Our relationship with Centinel has been strong for many years and they are a valued partner for us here at Holy Cross. We wanted to take a minute to highlight the success of working together with this local business which in turn allowed us to offer the best care possible through this pandemic.

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