Holy Cross Medical Center Billing Concerns:

(575) 751-8920
(800) 755-6236; ext. 8920

Billing Questions for Holy Cross Hospital Bills:

(800) 755-6236 or 575 751 8945
Fax: (575)751-7661
Self-Pay Accounts: (575)751-8945
Medicare Accounts: (575)751-8925

Insurance Accounts:
Last name A—I (575) 751-8921
Last name J—Q (575) 751-8924
Last name R—Z (575) 751-8935

Accounts Payable

Holy Cross Hospital
Carla Esquibel
(575) 751-8931

Taos Professional Services
Naomi Grant
(575) 751-8934

If you have a question that is not related to either of those two options you can call our accounts controller:

Dayna Duran
(575) 751-8946

Patient Advocacy:

Patient relations is a top priority at HCMC. To give a stronger voice to our patients and to improve our patients’ experience in our facilities, the HCMC leadership has developed a Patient Advocacy program.  We recently selected our first Patient Advocate, Rebecca Ciletti.  Rebecca will help our patients navigate the entire patient care experience from the Emergency Room and Inpatient settings to scheduling and billing.  As a part of our Grievance Program, Rebecca will receive and work to resolve all patient complaints. Our focus is our patients  and we are happy to help. Please call Rebecca  at (575) 751- 5866 should you need any assistance.

Assistance with Billing or Patient Care Concerns:

Rebecca Ciletti, Patient Advocate
Risk Management Department
(575) 751-5866

Compliance & Ethical Concerns:

Renee Laughlin, RN, MHA, BSN, CPHRM
Compliance Officer
Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance
(575) 751-5723

Call your Ethics Point toll free hotline at 1-877-253-4276

Risk Management:

Renee Laughlin, RN, MHA, BSN, CPHRM
Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance
(575) 751-5793

If you have a concern regarding the quality of care provided to you and would like to file a report with DNV visit:

Media Inquires:

Gayle Martinez
Marketing Communications Manager
(575) 751-5741