Visitor Information


These COVID-19 days are so different for all of us.  We want you to know that the HCMC COVID-19 Team is constantly reviewing the latest COVID-19 guidelines with the sole purpose of protecting and providing a safe and healthy environment here at Holy Cross for our patients, visitors and our employees. Our goal is to ensure that all involved are as comfortable and as safe as possible. ADA rules apply equally to all patients.

One visitor in a 24-hour time-period MAY be allowed, but is not guaranteed.  Here is some information to make for a good hospital visit.

Food and Drinks
Wheeler Peak café is only open for in café dining for employees.  In Café, dining is closed to the public until further notice.  Visitors may obtain food in the café or from vending machines.  If visitor is here to see an admitted patient, they may eat in that patient’s room or take it outside of the building.  We encourage visitors to bring their own food, snacks, and drinks.


We recognize that having a family member, friend or support person to be able to accompany a patient is of high importance. In an effort to minimize exposure to all patients and staff, one visitor in a 24-hour time-period MAY be allowed, but is not guaranteed. Visitors must limit coming and going and keep this to an absolute minimum, once or twice during the day.  We encourage you to plan accordingly.  COVID patients MAY be allowed one visitor in a 24-hour period if that visitor can produce proof of completed vaccinations (completed meaning two weeks after final vaccination).

  • Med Surg – Visiting hours are from 8am to 8pm daily and limited to one visitor in a 24-hour period and with the Permission of the health care team.
  • ACU –No More than one visitor at a time in the ACU. The screener should call 751-5840 to see if visitation is appropriate.
  • Obstetrics – The patient may have their primary support person plus one.  The patient must choose who these support persons are for the entirety of their stay.   (We do not supply the second support person meal trays).
  • Emergency Department – Only patients should be in the ED waiting room unless the patient requires a support person.  A support person is a person identified as such by the patient or by the support person when the patient is unable to communicate the need. Only one visitor at a time in the ED.
  • Surgery – During hours of operation, 6AM to 5PM send the visitors around to the Ambulatory entrance where they can call the surgery desk to determine if visitor will be allowed entry.
  • Outpatient testing – Patients with disabilities/special needs will be allowed assistance from a caregiver during their outpatient testing. No other visitation allowed.  (Wound care, Infusion, Imaging, Lab).
  • Pastoral Visits- Patients in the COVID unit may have clergy visits for compassionate/end of life care. Patients outside the COVID unit may have regular clergy visits.

Holy Cross Hospital reserves the right to implement changes as needed at a moment’s notice