Patient Portal

Your Patient Portal: MyCareCorner

Holy Cross Medical Center is excited to announce that our patients now have access to a new and improved patient portal. Beginning on March 17th, 2022, MyCareCorner will replace the Thrive patient portal.

If you already have a patient portal, and set it up prior to March 17th, 2022, you will need to log in to your old Thrive patient portal account to approve the transfer of your information over to the new MyCareCorner system. You will only need to log in to Thrive once, after this transfer completes, your information can only be accessed through the new system. If you continue to log in to your old Thrive patient portal, your information will no longer be accessible, you will now begin using MyCareCorner.

If you want to set up a patient portal after March 17th, 2022 you will need to sign up for a new account. You can only sign up for a new account after you have received an email from your provider inviting you to join MyCareCorner.

Upgrade Your Portal

If you set up your patient portal before March 17th, 2022, you will need to log in to your old Thrive patient portal and follow the steps to transfer your information over to the new system.

Please note: Secure messaging is not monitored continually. It is best for you to contact your primary care practitioner with any medical concerns or questions. Call your primary care practitioner to follow up with medication refills and to schedule appointments. Secure messaging is not used by our ED or Hospitalist medical staff, again please contact your primary care practitioner.

What if I don’t have an account yet?

If you don’t have a patient portal account yet, you will need to set one up by following the instructions in the email that you received after your appointment. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam & junk folders, if you are still having issues please call (575) 751-5735.

What if I Still Need Help?

We have created a section that will help answer many of the questions you might have when using your new patient portal.

MyCareCorner Mobile App

If you already have your MyCareCorner portal activated, you can access your new patient portal easily through the MyCareCorner app. You can download the app using one of the following options.