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Taos Loves Kids (TLK) offers classes and groups to support parenting. All our classes are offered in English and Spanish and we collaborate with various agencies in our community to make sure families are connected to services. Our classes are currently offered over Zoom.

Our facilitators are parents/grandparents in Taos and understand the diversity and the needs of our community.

Our services are free to families prenatally to 18 years of age.

Groups and Classes

The following classes/groups are offered free over Zoom. Call or email Carla to register:
575-751-8904 or


Group Time
In Person
Healthy Snacks (Bilingual)
Wednesday – 06/28/2023
Wednesday – 07/19/2023
Friday – 09/22/2023
5:30-7pm @ St. James Episcopal Church
208 Camino de Santiago
In Person
Grandparents & Kin Raising Children Group
(once a month)
2nd Wednesday 5:00 pm
@ Taos Pueblo – Starts: 08/09/23
In Person
Teen Parenting group
(once a month)
3rd Thursday 4:00 pm
@ Taos High School – Starts: 08/17/23
Childbirth Prep class (5 weeks)
Wednesday’s 5:30-7:00 pm
Starts: 07/19/2023
Love & Logic class (5 weeks)
Wednesday’s 5:30-7pm
Starts: 09/13/2023
Mothers and Babies class (5 weeks)
Tuesday’s 5:30-7pm
Starts: 10/03/2023
Father’s class (3 weeks)
Tuesday’s 5:30-7pm
Starts: 10/10/2023
Childbirth Prep class (5 weeks)
Wednesday’s 5:30-7:00 pm
Starts: 10/18/2023

Our classes/groups are for ALL families, regardless if you are struggling, court/agency ordered or you simply want to connect with other families and gain new tools. These classes/groups are for you! Parenting never ends and the knowledge you gain is invaluable. Let us be a part of your Taos family.

We are committed to the wellbeing and growth of our community and together we can thrive.

Registration is required to attend/engage in the classes/groups.

Contact Information & Registration

Contact Cristina to register or for more information on upcoming classes/groups.

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