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It began with a donation…

In 1936, America was in the midst of its greatest economic disaster and Taos socialite, Mabel Dodge Luhan, saw that her community desperately needed a proper hospital. She donated a house on La Posta Road and it was named Holy Cross Hospital by The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, who ran the hospital for nearly twenty-five years. While initially small and with limited services, the hospital established a standard of excellence in care and community outreach that has never wavered.

Today, Holy Cross Hospital remains the heart of a growing and vibrant network of healthcare services called Holy Cross Medical Center. From emergency services to primary care, acute hospital care, general surgery, cardiology, ob/gyn, orthopedics, and urology to prevention programs, rural clinics, integrative medicine, and much more, our health system is the leading care provider throughout northern New Mexico. As a leading rural hospital in the United States, Holy Cross has always endeavored to be on the cutting edge of innovative care; proud of its heritage and embedded deeply in the daily life of this remarkable community.

And to think, it all began with a donation. She saw the need and responded. Mabel Dodge Luhan’s legacy lives on in the treatment of every ailment and every disease that is prevented, in every child that is born here and in every life that is saved. What an incredible gift that has touched and continues to touch hundreds-of-thousands of lives!

Yet, the need she responded to remains unyielding and oftentimes urgent. The demand for quality healthcare continues to rise, along with increasing costs. At a time when the government provides less support, our community is aging rapidly and our economy struggles to recover from this generations’ “Great Depression.”

Your donation will make a difference. No matter how large or small, every dollar donated, like Mabel Dodge Luhan’s gift, contributes to a life-saving legacy for Taos. Won’t you add your story to the countless others who have given to this tradition of care and healing?

What will be your legacy? How would you like to give?

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