Participant Survey for Cancer Support Services Program

In order to help ensure that we are meeting your needs, we appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the questions below. Your feedback is anonymous and will help Taos Cancer Support Services (TCSS) improve our quality of service.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
I have received useful information and resources from this program.
This program provides quality services.
This program provides services in a timely manner.
This program overall has helped to reduce my stress.
This program offers helpful services and resources.
This program has helped me cope with my situation.
The program has provided opportunities to strengthen my support systems.
The stress of my financial burden has been reduced due to the assistance from this program.
The massage and/or acupuncture treatments (if received) have improved my sense of well-being.
I would recommend this program to others.
Overall, the program has helped improve my quality of life
1 - Poor2345 - Excellent
Respectfully listened to participants.
Encouraged participation from all group members.
Respected group members’ needs and differences.