Diabetes Care

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring

    The only thing more useful than checking our blood glucose frequently throughout the day is to monitor it continuously and analyze trends. We offer week-long studies with our professional continuous glucose monitor (CGM), something like a glucometer which you wear 24/7 for a specific period of time. Additionally, our Diabetes Educators can both help determine […]

  • Intensive Insulin Management

    Whether you’re starting a newly prescribed insulin regimen or have been managing your blood glucose with insulin for decades, our clinical pharmacist ensures that your insulin use is safe and effective. We can help you look into your insurance benefits if you or your provider feels that your blood glucose would be best managed with […]

  • Goal Setting and Problem Solving

    The goals most easily are achieved are the ones we believe are most realistic at the time. Holy Cross’ Diabetes Educators will meet you were you are and work with you to set measurable, time-specific goals for your health. We always aim for a little wiggle-room to prevent that feeling of defeat we all feel […]

  • Prevention of Acute and Chronic Complications

    While diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise alone, most patients find that they eventually require medication to prevent damage to the eyes, kidneys, and extremities which can be caused by high blood glucose. Our goal at Holy Cross Diabetes Management is to optimize your non-drug-related approaches to blood glucose management to both delay […]

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring

    Using a personal glucometer to test your blood glucose throughout the day provides essential data to both yourself and your healthcare team. Holy Cross’ Diabetes Educators will ensure you have adequate supplies, training, and knowledge to both test your blood glucose at home and know what to do with your readings.

  • Physical Activity

    You don’t have to run a marathon or sign-up for a Spartan Challenge to benefit from physical activity. Holy Cross’ Diabetes Educators will provide you with the latest recommendations for physical activity in terms of minutes per week or day instead of targets speeds, distances, or weights. Explore new ways to weave activity into your […]

  • Medication Management

    Many chronic health conditions require several medications to manage our symptoms. Our clinical pharmacist will review your medications to ensure you are using optimal dosages, minimizing side effects, and maximizing the benefits of your prescriptions.

  • Nutritional counseling and diet

    Informed food choices can help us avoid disease, reduce need for medication, and prevent acute issues within chronic conditions. Our registered dietitian will guide you and your loved one(s) through the latest dietary guidelines for weight management, disease prevention, and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, celiac and other intestinal diseases, kidney […]

  • Diabetes Management

    Our diabetes management team will help you with the following: The disease process Medications Physical activity Blood glucose monitoring Prevention of acute and chronic complications Goal setting and problem-solving Intensive pump initiation Nutritional counseling and diet Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) Medication coverage challenges

  • Gestational Diabetes Education

    Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that is diagnosed during pregnancy. It affects how your body processes glucose (sugar), and requires specialized treatment. About 4% of women develop gestational diabetes. It is usually diagnosed in the second half of the pregnancy, and almost always goes away as soon as your baby is born.