Women's Care

  • Labor and Delivery

    Our family-oriented Holy Cross Birthing Center offers an innovative birthing concept that is as close to home as you could wish for. Holy Cross Hospital’s Birthing Center has the comforts of a homey environment, with an emphasis on keeping the delivery of babies as comfortable as possible. We provide the best medical expertise and technology, […]

  • Supplement therapy

  • Hysterectomies

  • Prenatal Care

    Good prenatal care (the care you receive during your pregnancy) is essential to both your health and the health of your baby. This includes knowing what vitamins and supplements to take, what kind of exercise you should be getting, and what medicines and foods to avoid.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound is an imaging method that allows your doctor to see organs inside the body, using high-frequency sound waves. It is safe and pain-free; during pregnancy, ultrasound is used so that you can your doctor can see your baby, and track its growth and development.

  • Breastfeeding/Lactation Education

    Your milk is both food and medicine for your child. No infant formula can compare. Your milk will protect your infant while he or she is in the hospital and then into the world.

  • Permanent Birth Control

    Permanent birth control is the second-most common form of birth control in the United States, and the most-common for women over 30. When you feel that your family is complete, you or your partner may pursue a permanent birth control method.

  • Family Planning

    The term “family planning” refers to a plan you, or you and your partner, develop about when to have kids, whether or what kind of birth control to use, and ways to implement your plan. It most generally is used to refer to your personal plan for using, or not using, birth control.

  • Annual Well Woman Examinations

    Annual well-woman exams are important for the early detection of gynecological problems. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends annual pelvic and breast exams for all women over age 21, with periodic Pap smears depending on the woman’s age and risk factors.

  • Gynecologic Surgery

    Gynecology is the field of medicine that focuses on the general health of women and female reproductive organs. Gynecologic surgery, then, refers to any procedure that is performed to treat the female reproductive system, including treatments for cancer, infertility, and incontinence.