Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in the United States.  Common complaints following breast cancer treatment include shoulder pain, restricted range of motion, axillary cording, scar tissue restriction, and postural dysfunction.  Many of these issues are related to radiation fibrosis, or hardening of the tissues in and around the field of radiation.  Scar tissue also plays a major role in the loss of range of motion and in creating pain. All of these conditions can lead to difficulty with daily activities including dressing, grooming, driving, household tasks, occupational demands, and recreation. These conditions can be effectively treated with skilled manual therapy and exercise.  Removal of lymph nodes in the armpit (axilla) may lead to lymphedema in the arm and upper trunk, which can be managed effectively with the right treatment.  Hormonal treatments for certain types of breast cancer may lead to pelvic floor symptoms or sexual dysfunction.  Our therapists are highly skilled in treating pelvic floor dysfunction and restoring patients to their usual activities.

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