Our endoscopy suite provides a dedicated area for endoscopy procedures offering patients convenience in a more comfortable environment. Procedures include outpatient colonoscopies and esophogusgastroduodenoscopies (EGD).

“Having an area designated specifically for these procedures allows our patients a more intimate environment,” says Deborah Cripps, RN, Endoscopy Suite Service Leader at Holy Cross Hospital. “Wait times are reduced by half with pre and post recovery times happening much faster because patients are not transferred between the surgery and recovery rooms. Now everything is done in one area.”

The Endoscopy Suite also creates more efficiency for the hospital. Providers are able to do more endoscopes more efficiently. There are also fewer interruptions because the Suite is self-contained, and because families can be with patients, the experience is more healing.

Endoscopy procedures are performed with a state of the art endoscopy or camera used to see inside the body. Holy Cross offers endoscopy procedures five days a week to meet the increasing needs of the community.