David Elliot is now a National Healthcare Disaster Professional

In early April, David was asked by the New Mexico Dept. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, which is in charge of the State Emergency Operations Center or “NM EOC”, if he would like to come to NMEOC in Santa Fe in support of the State’s response to the COVID-19. After his first shift, he was asked to serve as Deputy to the Emergency Operations Center Director, which he has done several times now, mostly on weekends. At the NMEOC, he has the opportunity to work alongside and learn from leaders from many State and federal departments & agencies — many of whom are experts in a field such as health, agriculture, public information, communications, logistics, strategic, planning and operations support, or service in the military, with years of experience working on some of our nation’s biggest disasters.

Emergency Manager David Elliot poses for a portrait Thursday (June 4) at Holy Cross Hospital. Statement from hospital: “David is a key reason why Holy Cross was so successful in being prepared and ready to active plans for the COVID-19 pandemic. His leadership with HERT and actively pushing us to do exercises and get the emergency preparedness training employees needed. In addition, David is one of those people who gets things done, he is very knowledgeable of Emergency Response needs and requirements. He obtained of the equipment to supply the Annex building. He was instrumental in working with the State and FEMA to get us PPE supplies. His proactive approach with the community to instigate the forming for the Enchanted Circle COAD, the first in the state, serves as a model for other communities. He assisted in making sure the needs of the homeless in our community were tended to. He continues to help track our process so that we can receive as much reimbursement as possible for our emergency operation. He is involved with the State Emergency Response team on his time off and keeps HCMC in the forefront of his actions.”

This wide variety of subject matter expertise and logistical support capabilities are needed to provide decision makers and organizations throughout the state with the information, supplies, food, sheltering options, and planning and policy support needed to respond to the COVID pandemic as well as other crises. This rare opportunity provides David with hands-on experiences and training that he brings back to HCMC for our emergency preparedness program.

David Elliot is now board certified by the ANCC to be a “National Healthcare Disaster Professional”

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