Dr. Mary Jo Young Brings Compassionate Primary Care to Taos

In 2023 Holy Cross Medical Center held a community-wide survey asking Taos County residents which services they would like to see expanded to better support the health of locals. The number one response highlighted a strong need for expanded primary care access. In a significant addition to the healthcare options in Taos, Dr. Mary Jo Young, an experienced primary care physician, has joined the team at Holy Cross Medical Center. Her journey from growing up in Europe to becoming a dedicated healthcare professional in Taos is an interesting story that reflects her passion for providing comprehensive and compassionate care to individuals and families.

Dr. Mary Jo Young, Primary Care Doctor standing next to a large stone sign for the primary care office.
Dr. Mary Jo Young, Primary Care – Taos, NM

Dr. Young’s international upbringing shaped her diverse perspective on life. Growing up in Germany, Italy, and Belgium, with an American mother and a German father, she developed a broad cultural understanding that would later contribute to her approach to healthcare. At age 18, she moved to the United States. Her educational journey began at Wellesley College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology, followed by a master’s in Pharmacology from Harvard. Realizing her heart was not committed to research, Dr. Young started working as a health educator in High Schools where she started a peer education troupe.

Upon turning 30, Dr. Young felt compelled to change her career path, prompting a move to Colorado to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Four years of medical school at the University of Colorado and three years of residency later, she was working as a hospitalist at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver. After a year spent as a hospitalist, she realized her true calling in primary care, and began a journey towards becoming a respected primary care internist in Denver.

In 2021, life took another turn for Dr. Young when her partner retired, prompting her to reevaluate her priorities. The lure of Taos, where the couple enjoyed vacations and weekends, became irresistible. They decided to make Taos their home, and Dr. Young soon realized that retirement wasn’t for her – she loved to work, and it was her passion for caring for people that truly defined her.

A call to Holy Cross Hospital revealed a shared interest in expanding primary care services in Taos, and thus began Dr. Young’s new journey in caring for our community. She is pleased to provide primary care for both men and women, with a commitment to continuity of care.

One of the key aspects of Dr. Young’s approach is her deep connection with patients. Describing her relationship with them as a partnership, she values understanding their life stories and believes in aligning their health goals with evidence-based western allopathic medicine. In a community where alternative medicine is prevalent, Dr. Young excels in evidence based preventative care and strives to work collaboratively with her patients.

When asked about her favorite aspect of the job, Dr. Young expresses joy in getting to know people and understanding the intricate connection between their life stories and health. Her passion extends to mental health, an area she believes is crucial for overall well-being. As an active member of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), she recognizes the challenges in Taos County. While she does not provide mental healthcare, she understands the delicate interaction between mental health and physical health.

Dr. Young lives in Taos with her partner and their labradoodle, Juno. Beyond her medical expertise, Dr. Young is a lover of skiing, the outdoors, and art. Her affinity for fabric arts, including making quilts, reflects her creativity and the importance she places on the intersection of mental and physical health.

Dr. Mary Jo Young is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive primary care. Her diverse background, passion for patient relationships, and dedication to long-term care make her a welcome presence in our vibrant community. Learn more about Holy Cross Primary Care at www.TaosPrimaryCare.org or by calling (575) 737-3415.

Five members of the primary care clinic team at Holy Cross standing in a row.
Dr. Mary Jo Young and Dr. Ellen Ouellette with some of the team at Holy Cross Primary Care

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