Emotions, Wellbeing, and Children’s Rights

In support of the United Nation’s Universal Children’s Day, over 160 countries shared EQ POP-UP Festivals to build community and educate children and adults about emotions, wellbeing, and childrens’ rights.

On Tuesday, November 27 2018, Children’s Trust Fund and First Steps hosted an EQ Pop up in partnership with the SmArthouse.

The SmArt House is a collaboration between the Youth Heartline child advocacy group and the Neighborhood Arts Project. The program is located in the Gusdorf Housing Development for low income families. In order to support their families, parents need to work long hours. For two afternoons a week, Taos children in this neighborhood have a safe place to learn and play. SmArt house also provides healthy nutritious meals at no cost to participants.

Children’s Trust Fund and First Steps facilitated an EQ Pop Up event at SmArtHouse as a way to bring this amazing opportunity to the neighborhood where these children reside.

We set up 7 EQ “stations” which provided opportunities for the kids to experience various activities related to emotional intelligence: “Build your E-Monster”, “Feast of Great Relationships”, “Spark!”, “Conflict Resolution”, “I Felt…When…Because…”, “Story Stop” and “E-Ball”. Twenty kids, four volunteers and staff from SmArtHouse and eight home visitors from First Steps program participated in the event.

Did You Know?

Research indicates that increased emotional intelligence leads to better health, academic achievement, and stronger relationships! It’s a learnable measurable, scientifically grounded skill set that helps children…

  • Navigate increasing complexity and stress
  • Foster positive, healthy relationships
  • Spark innovation and resilience
  • Nourish compassion and inner peace
  • Grow as a positive change-maker

The skills of emotional intelligence are learned and we think parents are the most important people to teach these life-changing, world-changing skills.

Written by Paula Oxoby-Hayett, Children’s Trust Fund Coordinator

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