Employee Highlights

Molley Maccracken

Molley is a First Steps Coordinator/Home Visitor and she completed her Facilitator Certification course for Emotional Intelligence.

Paula Oxoby-Hayett

Paula is the Children’s Trust Fund Coordinator and she completed her Infant Massage Instructor certification and became endorsed as an Infant Mental Health Specialist.

David Elliot

David is our Education Coordinator this year and recently accepted the New Mexico Emergency Managemetn Associations, Presidents Choice Award on behalf of Team Rubicon, NM.

Andrew Melad

Andrew has passed his Registry exam to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. We are very proud to have Andrew on our team in Cardiopulmonary!

Patty Free

Patty was promoted to Chemistry Technical Consultant. This is a new position for HCMC. It is widely recognized by CLIA, and CAP, but never utilized in our laboratory. The chemistry technical consultant is responsible for the technical and scientific oversight of the chemistry department of the laboratory. Patty has been very instrumental in aiding us in the following areas:

  • New platform development
  • Writing policies & procedures
  • Implementing new tests
  • Verifying ranges
  • The correlation of new tests
  • Selection of test methodology
  • Establishment of a quality control program to monitor ongoing test performance
  • Resolution of technical problems and ensuring that remedial actions are taken and test systems are functioning properly
  • Identification of training needs

We are very proud of her promotion and progress at HCMC laboratory.

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