Holy Cross Women’s Health Institute Extends Prenatal Services to Questa

For pregnant women, whether it is their first pregnancy or not, it is very important to schedule a visit with a health care provider during the first trimester. Every pregnancy is unique and the first visit with a health care provider will help keep pregnant women and their baby healthy. As soon as women suspect that they are pregnant, they are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a health care provider. In rural areas, it can be challenging to find an obstetrician or a gynecologist close to where you live, and oftentimes pregnant women and new moms have to make long commutes in order to see their health care provider. For women who live closer to Questa than Taos, this is no longer an issue. 

Holy Cross Women’s Health Institute has coordinated with the Questa Health Clinic to bring prenatal care to Questa. You can now schedule an appointment with an OB or midwife from Women’s Health Institute at the Questa Health Clinic and get access to prenatal care without having to drive to Taos. Not only are visits available with an OB in Questa, the Questa Health Clinic now has state-of-the-art pregnancy-related equipment including a new ultrasound machine, vitals machine, and fetal heart rate monitor. Prenatal and pregnancy-related appointments in Questa can be scheduled by calling the Women’s Health Institute at (575) 758-5001.

Ultrasound at the Questa Health Clinic

Additional access to pre and postnatal services for women in northern New Mexico was made available by ROAMS (Rural OB Access & Maternal Services) – a program created with grant funding awarded from HRSA to Holy Cross Medical Center in 2020. The ROAMS program works in partnership with Miners’ Colfax Medical Center in Raton, Union County General Hospital in Clayton, and the Questa Health Clinic. ROAMS makes it easier for rural mothers and pregnant women to access obstetric services in Taos, Colfax, Union, Mora, and Harding Counties and has funded state-of-the-art equipment upgrades for clinics within the region.

Pregnant women and new mothers in northeastern New Mexico may also have access to these additional maternal services:

  • Home telehealth kits.
    Meet with your prenatal practitioner from home. The telehealth kits will include automatic reporting of blood pressure, oxygen, and weight, plus a glucometer and fetal heart rate monitor, as well as educational videos and reminders. Telehealth visits are not meant to replace your important in-person visits but will help with additional monitoring to make sure mom and baby are both healthy.
  • Free Family Navigator assistance.
    If you live in Taos County and you would like more information about how a family navigator can support your family, you can call Maija Santistevan at (575) 779-4043 and she will connect you with the correct resources.
  • Free breastfeeding consultations.
    A consultant will be available to you for prenatal lactation consultations and for as long as you need breastfeeding support. Call Jana Bailey, RN, IBCLC, LLCP, to get help with breastfeeding challenges: (575) 770-8558

If you are pregnant or planning to start a family, contact Holy Cross Women’s Health Institute. Visit TaosWomensHealth.com or call  (575) 758-5001.

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