The Current Priorities for Mill Levy Funded Repairs

Here is a list of our current priorities regarding mill levy spending. We will keep this list of repairs and expenditures as accurate and up to date as possible. Thank you for concern regarding your local healthcare family!

Project Vendor Requested Department Cost
Pentax Scope Upgrade Pentax Nov, 2017 Surgery $49,847.95
MUSE EKG system GE Healthcare Mar, 2018 Cardiopulmonary $166,383.00
Energy savings project Trane Mar, 2018 Plant Operations $1,522,000.00
Ultrasound machine Fuji Mar, 2018 Emergency Room $65,700.00
MUSE EKG system hardware GE Healthcare Mar, 2018 Cardiopulmonary $5,383.20
Medical Gas Air Dryer Health Choice Enterprises Mar, 2018 Plant Operations $15,916.00
Digital portable x-ray retrofit Compray April, 2018 Imaging $97,000.00
MUSE change order GE Healthcare May, 2018 Cardiopulmonary $(7,930.40)
Arthrex Surgery Video Towers Arthrex July, 2018 Surgery $231,612.36
Cystoscope Olympus October, 2018 Holy Cross Surgical Specialties $11,866.74
Wireless network upgrade High Country July, 2018 IT $105,360.00
Hot Water make-up Trane December, 2018 Plant Operations $6,309.60
Air Handling unit #3 Coil Trane December, 2018 Plant Operations $15,164.00
Spider Arms Smith and Nephew December, 2018 Surgery $22,542.00
Plumbing Leaks Trane July, 2019 Plant Operations $92,588.48
3 Way Valve Trane July, 2019 Plant Operations $10,070.97
Vacuum Pumps Health Choice Enterprises August, 2019 Plant Operations $39,592.00
OR Video monitors Steris September, 2019 Surgery $36,375.69
Mammo computer upgrade Hologic October, 2019 Imaging $12,065.00
Cell washer Fisher Oct, 2019 Lab $6,686.96
WOW replacement Enovate Medical November, 2019 IT $26,986.00
Bedside workstations CDW November, 2019 IT $19,216.81
VMWare upgrade VMWare November, 2019 Hospital $36,402
Server & Storage Upgrade PCM-G November, 2019 Hospital $299,890.25
Fire alarm pull stations, strobe Johnson Controls December, 2019 Hospital $10,783.00
Duplex water softener for surgery IWE Engineering December, 2019 Surgery $22,344.24
Double Fire Wall doors for surgery sterile hallway Overhead Door Company December, 2019 Surgery $13,368.71
PACs software upgrade Merge Jan, 2020 Imaging $43,300.00
Stretchers Stryker Feb, 2020 ER $28,657.78
Lab refrigerator LabRepCo Feb, 2020 Lab $5,738.45
Glide scope Verathon Feb, 2020 ER $12,934.90
Bone Density Equipment Dexa Feb, 2020 Imaging $10,180.00
Additional stretchers Stryker Mar, 2020 Med / Surg $51,380.64
X-Ray tube replacement Stryker June, 2020 Imaging $15,798.00
Biofire Biofire June, 2020 Lab $89,024.00
OR floor resurfacing Business Environments July, 2020 Plant Operations $114,723.00
Cautery generator Covideon July, 2020 Surgery $9,995.00
Data Center UPS Vision BP Sept, 2020 IT $59,892.00
Heat pump for Data Center Trane Sept, 2020 IT / Plant Ops $25,165.00
Fire suppression for Data Center Simplex-Grinnell Sept, 2020 IT / Plant Ops $29,992.00
      Total: $3,431,527.33

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