Holy Cross Hospital is Performing Necessary Backup Generator Maintenance

Update (09/08/2021): Thanks to the swift work of our team and community, we were able to find a solution and our generator is fully functional. We had a technician work on the unit and the generator has been cleared for use.

As part of the regular infrastructure tests at Holy Cross Hospital it was discovered that the primary backup diesel generator was not functioning adequately. The generator itself is fine, but the fuel appears to be contaminated and we are currently working on a solution. The backup generator is only used to provide power during unexpected power outages and provides power to critical health care equipment if the need arises. While there are currently no planned power outages in Taos, Holy Cross Hospital is prioritizing the safety of patients should the unexpected occur.

As a contingency in the unlikely event, we have a long-term power interruption, a team of administrative staff, department heads, and physicians are working quickly to develop a solution to the issues with the generator and are instituting measures to ensure the safety of our patients. Holy Cross Hospital is in close communication with the Town of Taos, Taos County, and Kit Carson Electric to find a swift solution to the problem. In the interim, alternative generators are being acquired to provide power to necessary systems should an extended power outage occur. Other local hospitals have been contacted and alerted to the situation and they are available to provide additional support should the need arise.

The hospital remains open and at this time we are not restricting services or hospital access.

The safety of the patients at Holy Cross Hospital is the primary concern.  Please keep in mind that this planning is contingency based and would only be necessary during an extended power outage.  Holy Cross is working hard to make sure we have a good backup plan while continuing to provide great care to our community.

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