Medical Record System Conversion

Holy Cross Hospital is committed to continuously improving the care and services we provide in order to give you healthcare with peace of mind.

We’re taking a big step forward and upgrading the tools our physicians, nurses and clinical staff use to take care of you. Holy Cross is taking our current electronic medical record system (EMR) to the next level by implementing new software systems in many of our clinic and hospital locations, software which has been specifically designed for small hospitals. The system is called CPSI – Evident and the Emergency Department will be using a system called Wellsoft. Most Holy Cross systems will go live on October 1st and the rest of the systems plan to be live by the end of the year.

During our move to these new computer systems, you may notice a few changes:

  • Your visit will likely take longer: We are doing everything possible to make sure our physicians, nurses, and staff have the time they need to get accustomed to using Evident. This means during our go-live period we are allowing more time for each patient appointment, so your visit may last a little bit longer than usual. We have scheduled Evident support personnel to be readily available to answer questions and provide direction during the first two weeks following our go-live event.
  • You may want to choose an appointment later in October or early in November: This will help give our physicians, nurses and clinical staff the extra time they need to become familiar with the new system.
  • You will have new Patient Portal options on our websites: Our websites will be updated as each location goes live with Evident. You can use the new web-based tools to communicate with your physicians via a Patient Portal.

One of the very public benefits of the new Evident system is the enhanced Patient Portal. This portal will provide easy access to your health records and more information about your care. I encourage you to visit to find out more about these benefits.

Thank you in advance for your patience as Holy Cross takes this big step in improving the tools our physicians, nurses and clinical staff use to care for you!

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