OB Ultrasound

What is an OB Ultrasound?

An OB ultrasound is a diagnostic exam using high frequency sound waves to study the organs and vessels of you and your unborn child. Using ultrasound, the Technologist

can visualize specific organs and get measurements. Ultrasound is safe and does not involve the use of any injections or radiation.

How is the examination performed?

A Registered Ultrasound Technologist will perform your examination and can answer any questions you may have.  An OB ultrasound is done by placing a small amount of warm ultrasound gel on your stomach and by pressing a small probe or transducer over the area to be imaged.  If you are less than 12 weeks an internal or transvaginal exam will be performed for better imaging and more accurate measurements.

Who is a candidate for an OB Ultrasound?

Your Doctor may have ordered this exam for many reasons including an unknown last menstrual period, pelvic pain, high blood pressure, pregnancy induced diabetes, spotting, to simply check size and delivery dates, or do a fetal anatomy survey.

Will I need to prepare for the exam?

If you are less than 12 weeks due to the private nature of the transvaginal exam only immediate close family will be allowed in the room. Children will not be allowed for this part of the exam.

What will I experience?

You will be asked to lie down on your back and expose your stomach.  The Technologist will place some warm gel on you and begin pressing the transducer or probe into your abdomen.  A series of images will be taken that last about 45 minutes.

If you are less than 12 weeks a transvaginal exam will need to be done to better visualize certain structures. This is done using a smaller, specially designed transducer that is inserted into your vagina.

What happens next?

The Technologist will give you a towel to wipe off the gel and you are done. The Technologist will analyze your images and send them to the Radiologist’s computer for interpretation.

The Radiologist, a State of New Mexico licensed and board certified Physician, specialized in radiology interpretation will read your images. A report will be recorded and transcribed then sent to your Physician who will explain the results to you.

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