Philips Incisive CT Scan

Holy Cross Medical Center takes great care when determining what CT to offer our patients and referring physicians. We are excited to announce that we offer state-of-the-art Philips Incisive CT scans at Holy Cross Hospital. With this CT we can provide high-quality, low dose images all while ensuring your exam is a fast and comfortable experience. This CT scanner has been installed in to a newly built room that offers many features to make your scan as comfortable as possible.

A CT Scanning Machine in a hospital room
Philips Incisive CT Scanner available at Holy Cross Hospital in Taos.

Why get your CT with the Incisive CT?

  • Patient-side gantry controls allow the technologists to remain with our patients throughout the exam set up.
  • Fast and efficient exam capabilities keep procedure times as short and efficient as possible
  • Comfortable height-adjustable table and large bore for patient comfort
  • Low-dose imaging capabilities

Why get your CT scan in Taos at Holy Cross Hospital?

Our state-of-the-art Philips Incisive CT scanner helps doctors learn what’s really going on inside you. Computed Tomography has revolutionized diagnostic medicine. This advanced x-ray technique allows your doctor and radiologist to view bones, organs, blood vessels, and even your heart in extraordinarily fine detail.  This information helps doctors confidently diagnose a wide variety of conditions. The Philips Incisive CT combines the latest CT technology with a comfortable and efficient design to help make your exam as comfortable as possible.

Example Scans from Philips

The newly installed Philips Incisive CT scanner is one of two CT machines that Holy Cross Hospital offers patients. When we installed the new unit, we chose to keep the previous unit available so that we could offer more options to local providers.

If you need a CT scan, be sure to ask your provider for a referral to Holy Cross Hospital so that you can get a state-of-the-art CT Scan right here in Taos. Referral Required.

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