Freddy Garcia

First thing, I’m a Christian and give all the glory to God and I thank him for healing me. But, you know, I was really struggling with my diabetes. My numbers were high and getting higher. When I was able to go to [the Diabetes Clinic], it really, really helped me. Before, I was confused about what I could and couldn’t eat. My doctor had told me ‘just cut out sugars!’ and I tried, but it just didn’t work. Once we sat down and looked at all the different types of carbs and nutrients, THAT really had an impact on me. I started to see how to plan my meals – when and how much of everything – and I could finally understand what was going on with my numbers. That was the key! It’s not a ‘diet’, it isn’t temporary. It’s an ongoing process but I’ve worked to make my changes a part of my life forever.

A1C at beginning of service – 7.6%, Last A1C – 5.7%

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